Meet Our Flavors


All of our flavors are made from naturally gluten-free ingredients*, which are sourced from local Vermont producers or suppliers


Sticky Fingers
Sticky Fingers was created to satisfy the needs of our customers who prefer premium granola sans fruit.  This version is over the top with copious amounts of nutritious oats, nuts, seeds and coconut that is wonderfully flavored with Vermont Maple Syrup (Bread Loaf View Farm).  While we don’t include any fruit, this granola is packed with wholesome goodness and scintillating maple flavor sure to energize all your adventures.  You’d be amazed what you can accomplish by including this crunchy magic in your daily routine!


Moon Dance

Moon Dance is our flagship recipe chock full of healthy oats, nuts, seeds and coconut that is infused with the wonderful flavor of Vermont Maple Syrup (Bread Loaf View Farm).  We toss in some golden raisins and dried cranberries to complement the maple sweetness providing great energy to be enjoyed any time of day or night. Makes you feel like you could dance on the moon!


Cinnamon Girl 

Cinnamon Girl originated from a desire to marry this wonderful spice with some adaptations to our original recipe. The result is a delicious creation that time and time again became a fan favorite among our taste-testers.  This recipe is loaded with healthy oats, nuts, seeds, coconut and Vermont Maple Syrup that is perfectly flavored with cinnamon and locally sourced honey (Champlain Valley Apiaries).  We blend chunks of unsweetened banana chips and dried pineapple to complement the maple and honey sweetness.  Tropical flavors meet Green Mountain magic providing mouthfuls of Positive Vibrations!


* naturally gluten free, not certified gluten-free