“What an awesome surprise! This granola (and we’ve tried many) has an instant explosion of flavor. Nice crunch, perfect balance – crunchy but no too hard, no clusters. Good balance of the different fruit & nuts and the Vermont maple syrup adds the perfect sweetness level with No Added Sugar.”
Cinnamon Girl flavored just right with the pineapple and banana chips (not too hard). Moondance has great mixture of fruit/nuts – loved the coconut and pepitas. Ratio of oats to “goodies” was three thumbs up. Only downside is we can’t stop eating it!!! 
- Eric & Jenny NC
“Every flavor is delicious. I love the crunch factor – sometimes you get granola and it can’t hold its crunch in milk/yogurt – this granola does!  Cinnamon Girl is probably my favorite – nice hint of the spice with pineapple and banana are a great combination.  Moondance is delish also – I think it has the perfect sweetness as many granolas are overly sweet.  No added sugar makes this a great option for me!”
- Danielle CO
“Put us on your mailing list when available – we give your granola flavors 5 stars! I keep cheating and eat it by the spoonful every time I pass the bag. 
Love Moondance – the combination of dried cranberries and golden raisins is wonderful.”
- Henry PA
“We loved all the flavors. Cinnamon Girl was my favorite.  They all have the perfect amount of sweet, light texture and fruit/nut combinations!”
- Mary VT
“We tried two flavors.  I love the cinnamon and unique ingredients in Cinnamon Girl – delicious.  The Moondance has great maple flavor and the perfect fruit, nut and seed combination.  Keep the walnuts big is my only suggestion.  Both great over vanilla yogurt!”
- Carol NY
“I am writing to tell you how much I loved the granola.  It is a terrific combination of flavors and texture and has just the right amount of natural sweetness.  I love the fruit component, and the cinnamon in the Cinnamon Girl was just perfect and my favorite.  It was not overly crunchy and hard to chew as I have found in many other granola brands.”
- Cheryl VT